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I Open My Eyes And Taste Desire SELASI presentation

I Open My Eyes And Taste Desire SELASI presentation
Friday 14th October 2022
St John at Hackney Church 

With intention, we present I Open My Eyes And Taste Desire; a commitment to the exploration of knowing and communicating the nuanced experience of sharing emotional and physical intimacy with oneself and other.

Should I be afraid to vocalise what I want... Should I know, can I know, can I ask, when I know, and I want to know more about how I want it to feel, who I want to fill. I want to be held, I want to hold and be held, I want to excite and be excited. I want my red to leap out of my chest and meet your blue. And I want my blue too. I want to fill the disparity between what I have, and what slips delicately around my mind.

Within the playground of fabric, we create tension, we hold, we pressure, we caress, we constrict, we release, we hold, we dismiss, we wait, we push, we release, we inhale, we exhale, and we taste desire.


SELASI, Explorations by Ronan Mckenzie
Assisted by Courtney Mitchell

Styling: Tess Herbert and Ronan Mckenzie
Hair: Amidat Giwa at Bryant Artists
Make Up: Michelle Boggs
Production: Studio BOUM
Press: A.I

Everything Together, Composed by Melo-Zed

Responsibility Of Intimacy, Ezra-Lloyd Jackson

Design Collaborations
Giraffe Prints by Joy Yamusangie
Armour pieces in collaboration with Wesley Harriott

Marsèll, Yume Yume, Steven Ma

SoulVisionary Jewels, Melanie Eddy, FARIS
Make Up 111Skin