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Chapter Three

Chapter Three: Absorbency

Deciding to create a new collection almost entirely of leftover fabric from our second collection, SELASI presents Chapter Three: Absorbency. Designed playfully in exploration of the versatility of two main materials: soft cotton towelling, and lustrous recycled swim jersey, Absorbency takes inspiration from the consistency yet dynamicness of waves, thinking about what we absorb, hold, release, or let wash over us. 

Choosing intentionally to move from “collections” to Chapters, we’ve taken in the experiences of the past three years and set ourselves in a new direction with access and expression at our core. SELASI took shape to create space for play, and now returns to that inventive space, to stretch the boundaries of a traditional brand and become founder Mckenzie’s playground. On Friday 24th November, alongside opening a pop-up showroom at Hackney furniture store Spazio Leone, we will launch our direct to customer online store, taking back control of our prices to ensure they are accessible to our loved ones, and to become closer to those who choose to drape themselves in the name that cannot be mumbled.

Photographer: Daphne Chouliaraki Milner 
Hairstylist: Amidst Giwa, assisted by Avrelle Delisser
Make Up Artist: Megumi Matsuno, assisted by Saphron Morgan
Nail Artist: Hayley Evans-Smith, assisted by Mayo Ishikawa
Models: Arop Kieu, Imani Smith, Akshita Annappa Shetty