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First Campaign by Nadine Ijewere

Created collaboratively with Nadine Ijewere, Ammy Drammeh, Amidat Giwa, Lauren Michelle Pires, Kei Yoshino, Lisa Dymph and Laura Gilligan.

Photographs Nadine Ijewere
Creative Direction / Styling Ronan Mckenzie
Casting Director Lisa Dymph
Beauty Ammy Drammeh
Hair Stylist Amidat Giwa
Manicurist Lauren Michelle Pires
Set Design Kei Yoshino
Production Laura Gilligan / LG Studio


Shivaruby, Storm
Esther, Milk
Aksharaa, PRM
Adhel, Linden Staub
Anika, Lorde


Photo Assistants Teddy Park / James Gilbert
Styling Assistant Stephaie Aelbrecht
Set Design Assistants Ammy Amihyia / Alice Whittick
Manicurist Assistants Ami-Rai / Amy Thomas
Production Assistant Carly Njini

Jewellery Nyanda Yekwai, Soul Visionary Jewels / Nicole Osula, BELLY / Angela Benjamin / Emefa Cole / Simone Brewster / Melanie Eddy