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Chapter One

To speak a name that one can’t mumble; to be as smooth as a gently passing breeze, yet to require thought in pronunciation, is to be tender in being purposeful; Is to consider the soul before anything else; is to explore and appreciate the depth of my skin; to understand brown is a colour as full as is heavy; to find comfort in standing up firmly, to stand grounded by a history rich as the tones we walk in; is steady footing on uneven ground, to speak SELASI, is to hold the power of the knowledge that my soul carries the legacy of those before, and to respect that power that flows through me.

Including pieces created collaboratively with Wesley Harriott, KBN Knitwear, and Studio Bakovic.

Creative Direction / Photography / Styling Ronan Mckenzie

Beauty Megumi Matsuno
Hair Stylist Shamara Roper
Manicure Kione Grandison 
Producer Danson Productions
Styling Assistant Daphne Milner
Photo Assistants Julia Led / Maria Estabanell

Olivia / Wan Yu Huang, Milk Gift, Anti Promesse, JM Scouting 
Yacine, The Hive